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All About Santa Monica Beaches

Santa Monica beaches are unforgettable.

We began visiting Santa Monica when we moved to a neighboring Los Angeles city. Our frequent visits found us exploring all 3.5 miles of glistening beaches, and many of the restaurants and hotels.

Then we moved to paradise! What drew us again and again is still what defines Santa Monica: the beaches. Here is just one example:

Things to Do

Santa Monica activities include more than just laying in the hot sun with a refreshing drink and devouring fish tacos, though that is a lovely place to start and one of my favorite ways to spend the day.

Besides lounging on Santa Monica State beach, there is of course that other famous attraction you won't want to miss - the iconic Santa Monica Pier and ferris wheel. And the Santa Monica Pier Aquarium.

You can also get the blood flowing with a beach bike ride south to Venice beach, swimming, surfing, parasailing, paddle surfing, playing basketball or tennis ... the list goes on and on.

There's even the original Muscle Beach (the Muscle Beach to the south in Venice Beach) came after our city's original, outdoor, gymnastics-based equipment workout area. In short: There are plenty of activities to choose from that will keep even the most active of bodies busy.

Beach Hotels 

You've probably heard about the scary prices hotels in Santa Monica charge. If you're on a limited budget, you may feel like you'll be left out in the cold (or, instead, the warmth) in Santa Monica.

While Santa Monica is famous for its expensive beach hotels with ocean view rooms, he truth is that there are cheap hotels here too - and some are even steps from the beach. And many have ocean view rooms as well.

Santa Monica Nightlife

Nightlife here is more laid-back than the scene you'll find in downtown Los Angeles, Hollywood, or West Hollywood. And frankly, we like it that way.

We keep it real here (for the most part), and our nightlife reflects that. Sure, you'll still have to queue-up occasionally  - after all, is there anywhere worth going to that isn't going to attract a good crowd?

Whether you're looking for a rooftop bar, live music, a dance club, or just a cool place to hang out and grab a drink - nightlife in Santa Monica delivers. 

An Aerial Overview

Our very first impression, the beaches, is still what defines our city. Here is just one example...

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