*** COVID-19 Santa Monica Updates  ***

COVID-19 Update:

Go Delivery, Use Cloth Face Coverings, Give Blood

April 6 - Today, the county’s top public health official, Dr. Barbara Ferrer, Director at the LA County Department of Public Health, advised that this is the week to use delivery services for essential items in order to avoid going to the grocery store and pharmacies where you are at greatest risk of exposure.

If you must go out on an essential trip, county and federal advice recommends that you wear a non-medical face covering.  

The City of Santa Monica's COVID-19 Community Resources page provides delivery and online ordering information for local essential service providers.

Emerging evidence suggests that there may be a significant number of people infected with COVID-19 who are asymptomatic and capable of spreading the virus to others.

New guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reminds us we need to use universal precautions all the time – assuming that each of us can infect others even when we aren’t sick, and that others can infect us.

Always practice physical distancing, frequent handwashing, and remaining home when ill. 

N95 and surgical masks should only be used by healthcare workers, first responders, and those essential workers providing care for people who are ill. Check out this recent video tutorial on DIY face coverings.

Blood Drive at the Santa Monica Airport April 13 and 21

You can donate blood in this critical time for so many. UCLA Medical Center Santa Monica is making blood donation easy for the Santa Monica community by hosting two blood drive days at the airport. To schedule an appointment, click on one of the dates below.

If those blood drive options don't work for you, you can always schedule an appointment for another time and location through the UCLA Blood & Platelet Center.

Santa Monica Farmer's Markets Remains Open

April 4 - Although Los Angeles farmers markets were ordered to close earlier this week, Santa Monica farmers markets will remain open during the coronavirus pandemic with enhanced safety measures, city of Santa Monica officials said.

The Farmers Market remains open tomorrow (Sunday) as an option for shoppers (including CalFresh/EBT for low-income shoppers) to continue having access to fresh produce in an open setting while maximizing physical distancing.

COVID-19 Updates

The market's continuation of service will also minimize economic impacts to participating small farmers, so they remain able to serve the market community in the months and years to come. 

Sunday: 2640 Main Street, 8:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.

This weekend, the Main Street market will have additional staff to limit the number of people entering the market and ensure that people are maintaining a distance of six feet from each other within the market, said city of Santa Monica spokesperson Constance Farrell.

Staff will sketch out six feet intervals to guide the line leading into the market and customers have been directed not to touch produce before buying it. 

“It’s a one in, one out policy,” Farrell said. 

She said market organizers encourage each household to send just one person to the market and spend no more than 30 minutes inside the market. 

Santa Monica Beach, Bike Path, Ocean Front Walk, Palisades Park and Beach Closed

March 27 – This afternoon, the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health ordered the temporary closure of all public beaches, beach bike paths, public trails, and beach access points to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19). The LA County order requires the immediate closure of:

  • Santa Monica Beach
  • Santa Monica’s Beach Bike Path
  • Ocean Front Walk

Santa Monica’s Community and Cultural Services Director directed the temporary closure of Palisades Park effective midnight, Friday, March 27 through midnight Monday, March 30, 2020 due to the park’s proximity to the beach to support the County’s Order.

“Santa Monicans cherish our walks on our beach, but we are complying with County Health recommendations to protect all of us and our families from preventable exposure to illness,” said Mayor Kevin McKeown.  “The beach is a regional resource, and we’re all part of the regional effort to flatten the curve of COVID-19.  We can still get our exercise and fresh air while avoiding congregating in crowds and maintaining six feet of physical distance.  Otherwise, we’re all safer at home.”

Though the County order allows for citation, Santa Monica will continue to focus on education this weekend and encourage the public to follow the Safer at Home orders, which are focused on community health. 

The County’s Public Health Order reads: “The County of Los Angeles and its Department of Public Health observed an unusually high volume of beach and trail users on March 21 and 22, which seriously impeded the beach and trail users' practice of safe and necessary social distancing measures.

This heavy amount of beach and trail use by numerous groups of people does not allow for safe social distancing, and therefore seriously impedes community efforts to stem the local transmission of COVID-19.

Accordingly, this Order is necessary to both enforce social distancing measures and stem the spread of COVID-19 within the community.”

This order is effective immediately, beginning today, March 27, 2020 through April 19, 2020.

12 Santa Monica Residents Test Positive for Virus

March 23 - Twelve people living in Santa Monica have tested positive for coronavirus, public health officials said Monday.

Barbara Ferrer, director of the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health, announced 128 new cases Monday and another two deaths, bringing the countywide case count to 536 and the death toll to seven.

Five of the new cases were in Santa Monica.

Ferrer said 80% of people who have tested positive are between 18 and 65, and 42% are between 18 and 40. 90 people with the virus have been hospitalized.

“This virus can in fact infect people across the board and all people need to be vigilant and practice every directive that’s being issued at the state, county and local levels,” she said.

Santa Monica College said Thursday night that a student had tested positive for the virus and three employees at Bergamot area office parks tested positive last weekend. It is unknown if the SMC and Bergamot cases are Santa Monica residents and therefore count toward the city’s total.

Santa Monica Beach Parking Lots Closed

March 22, 2020: For the health and safety of all, City officials urge region to stay at home and socially distance in public spaces and beaches.

The City of Santa Monica is taking additional measures to protect the health and safety of the Santa Monica community and our neighbors by closing the beach parking lots.

This comes after one-and-a-half days of large numbers of beachgoers coming to the coastline amidst the Safer at Home statewide measures to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19). 

 These measures are being taken in accordance with State and local health directives that prohibit gatherings and call for social distancing of non-household members.   

All residents and visitors are advised to avoid the beach, beach bike path, and Palisades Park today and in the days to come to protect themselves and others.

As a beach city we know the draw to be outside and in nature is more powerful than ever, but to truly have an impact in our region and state, we must all remain at home and six feet from others when out for essential trips only.   

“Today is not the day to go to the beach. We know that it’s difficult to stay at home when the weather is so nice and being close to the beach is one of the primary reasons why we love to call Santa Monica home,” said City Manager Rick Cole. “Yet this is a time when we must take the guidelines from our health officials to heart. We urge our residents to avoid any public spaces where social distancing is a challenge.” 

Parking lots at the beach are closed, effective immediately. Residents of Santa Monica who live in the area of the beach and who hold residential parking permits for the relevant lots will be permitted to park, as will essential personnel consistent with the Governor's Stay at Home and the County Department of Public Health's Safer at Home orders.   

For information on the City of Santa Monica's response to COVID-19 related closures, visit santamonica.gov/coronavirus or call the Santa Monica coronavirus hotline: 310-458-8400.

COVID-19: Business Changes

The City of Santa Monica is cancelling all gatherings, including events, programs, and activities through March 31. This includes events hosted by the City of Santa Monica and other groups.

On March 16 the city of Santa Monica issued a supplement to the local emergency proclamation that requires two week closure of the following businesses: 

  • All bars and nightclubs that do not serve food will be closed to the public. 
  • Any bars or nightclubs that serve food may remain open only for purposes of continuing to prepare and offer food to customers via delivery service or to be picked up. Dine-in food service is prohibited. 
  • All restaurants and retail food facilities are prohibited from serving food for consumption on premises. Restaurants and retail food facilities may continue to operate for purposes of preparing and offering food to customers via delivery service, to be picked up or for drive-thru. For those establishments offering food pick-up options, proprietors are directed to establish social distancing practices for those patrons in the queue for pick-up. 
  • The following are exempt from this Order: (i) cafeterias, commissaries, and restaurants located within hospitals, nursing homes, or similar facilities; (ii) grocery stores; (iii) pharmacies; and (iv) food banks. 
  • Trucks and other vehicles that deliver grocery items to grocery stores, when such items are to be made available for sale to the public, are exempt from having to comply with any City rules and regulations that limit the hours for such deliveries, including, without limitation, Section 9.28.080 of the Santa Monica Municipal Code. 
  • All movie theaters, live performance venues, bowling alleys and arcades will be closed to the public. 
  • All gyms and fitness centers will be closed to the public. 
  • All businesses providing physical health and beauty services, including spas, hair salons, massage parlors, and nail salons, that do not provide medical care or services that supplement medical care as directed by medical professionals will be closed to the public. 

“This virus knows no boundaries. Cities working together is the way to have the most impact and the least confusion”, said City Manager Rick Cole. “Stay calm, stay informed, and stay healthy! We will work together to get through this.” 

The Order is in effect through March 31, 2020, at 11:59 p.m.   

Facility Closures

  • Annenberg Community Beach House
  • Basketball courts
  • Camera Obscura Art Lab
  • City Hall (City business will continue)
  • Clover Park office
  • GoSaMo Center public counter
  • Housing Office
  • Muscle Beach
  • Park fitness equipment
  • Playgrounds
  • Santa Monica Public Library branches
  • Memorial Park buildings
  • Miles Memorial Playhouse
  • Park-based meeting rooms at Douglas, Euclid, Joslyn, Marine Park, and Reed Park.
  • Santa Monica Pier
  • Splash pads
  • Swim Center
  • Virginia Avenue Park Campus Facilities 
  • Volleyball Courts

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