Activities  in Santa Monica

There are so many great Santa Monica attractions to visit, National Geographic named it one of the Top 10 Beach Cities in the World.

Activities in Santa Monica include more than just laying in the hot sun with a refreshing drink and devouring fish tacos. (Though that is a lovely place to start.)

Here's an overview of the don't miss attractions and activities in Santa Monica.

Santa Monica Attractions

Activities in Santa Monica

Seasonal Activities

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  • Annenberg Beach House Santa Monica

    The Annenberg Beach House at Santa Monica State Beach is a luxe, 5-acre ocean-front community center that was an opulent private estate in the 1920s. This historic beach house, once home to Hollywood

  • Santa Monica Sports: Active Fun Under the Sun

    When it comes to Santa Monica sports, you can expect just about everything under the sun. Here are some of the most popular beach sports

  • Santa Monica Pub Crawl: 7th Annual

    The 7th Annual Santa Monica Pub Crawl is December 12, 2015.

  • Santa Monica Beaches: What to See, What to Do, Where to Eat

    Santa Monica beaches have it all - 3.5 miles of soft sand shoreline, picnic areas, parks, playgrounds, manned lifeguard stations, the Original Muscle Beach, bike rentals, and sports galore.

  • Top 10 Santa Monica Activities

    There are more Santa Monica activities than laying in the hot sun and devouring fish tacos. Besides sunning and swimming, you can get the blood flowing again biking, surfing, parasailing,

  • Jim Morrison Bike Tour of Santa Monica and Venice Beach

    The Jim Morrison Bike Tour Goes Back to Where it All Started for Jim - Santa Monica and Venice. This 3-mile beach cruise hits 10 of Morrison's favorite haunts.

  • Santa Monica Fishy Fest

    The Santa Monica Fishy Fest annual celebration takes place on October 25 and 26 at the Santa Monica Pier Aquarium.

  • Cayton Museum Santa Monica

    The Cayton Museum Santa Monica features exhibits and cultural programs for children and families.

  • Biking Santa Monica

    Santa Monica is ideal for two-wheeled adventures. Whether you're looking for a leisurely beach cruise or scenic ride, you'll find it biking Santa Monica.

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