City Bike Share Program Details

In the fall of 2018, the city bike share program became part of a shared mobility pilot program.

The City of Santa Monica selected Bird, Jump, Lime and Lyft as the four operators to participate in the city's pilot program that builds upon the existing city bike share system, and expands Santa Monica's commitment to be a truly multi-modal community that offers residents and visitors a variety of sustainable and convenient transportation options.

Each of the four selected operators began with an initial allocation of 750 devices each, totaling 1,000 e-bikes and 2,000 e-scooters.

City Bike Share and Metro Bike Share Differences

City bike share bikes.City bike share bikes.

Metro bike share stations are found in 13 locations in Venice, and at two of Expo Line stops: 17th Street/SMC, and Downtown Santa Monica.

Santa Monica's 500 Breeze bikes are still available and are located at more than 88 hubs in Santa Monica and Venice, including all three Expo Stations.

There is a difference between the two systems. Here's what you need to know:

Metro Bikes are not compatible with the Breeze Bike System as follows:

  • Metro Bikes will not lock to Breeze Stations. If you are riding a Metro Bike, you will need to return the bike to one of the Metro Bike Share Stations.
  • The systems require separate sign-up. Your memberships do not transfer across networks.
  • Your TAP card can be linked to either or both accounts to unlock the bike.

Where you can ride and where you can lock:

  • Metro Bike share is dock-based, which means bikes can only be rented and returned to the Metro Bike Share stations, including only two locations in Santa Monica.
  • Breeze Bike Share bikes can be rented at stations, or anywhere a bike is located. You can: lock a bike anywhere (fees may apply), find/reserve bikes on the web or mobile app in real time, and return and lock to a Breeze station, or a rack within 100 feet if the station is already full. The Breeze System Area still extends from San Vicente to I-405, to Venice Blvd., to Washington Blvd. in Venice.

The systems have different fee structures

  • Breeze Bike Share Pay-as-you-go members only pay for the minutes they use at a rate of $0.12/ minute. Annual ($99/year), Monthly ($25/month), and Student ($7/month) memberships give you 90 minutes of ride-time every day and only counts the minutes you use.
  • Metro Bike Share charges in 30-minute increments. Annual Members pay $40/ year +$1.75/30 minute trip, and Monthly Members pay $20/month with no additional charge for trips 30 minutes or less, but an additional $1.75 for each additional 30 minutes after that. Walk-up rentals are charged $3.50/ 30 minutes. 

The city bike share bikes can be found at any of the more than 80 bicycle sharing hubs throughout Santa Monica and into neighboring Venice Beach. You can view the complete map of city bike share locations here. 

In addition, the maps are conveniently located on all hub signs, which includes Santa Monica's growing network of bike lanes and designated bikeway streets to help the community make the most of the experience.

Get a Santa Monica bike map here.

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