HUSHfest Santa Monica

HUSHfest Santa Monica summer series features monthly silent disco concerts on the west end of Santa Monica Pier.  The all-outdoors show - audible only through your wireless HUSHfest headset - starts at 7 p.m.  - just in time to catch the sun setting over the Pacific Ocean - and winds down at 12 a.m.

This is the place to hear some of Southern California's finest DJs, spinning amidst one of the world's most spectacular backdrops. 

Silent Disco Santa Monica

What is Silent disco Santa Monica? Imagine being in a Santa Monica club (or a club anywhere, for that matter), but instead of booming music everywhere you go, you wear headphones instead. The sound system is now a portable headset that stays with you wherever you may venture. 

Silent Frisco Santa Monica (as it was formerly known) has plenty of other benefits, too:

  • The music always sounds crystal clear, as you have high-quality headphones banging out those killer tunes

  • No more being upset about the volume the club plays the music at - you control it yourself
  • Don't like the song that is playing? Change the station. Having choices is always better
  • You don't have to worry about getting hot and sweaty inside - the fresh ocean breeze keeps everyone cool and moving
  • Need a break from the music? Simply take off your headphones
  • You can make any spot on the Pier a dance floor as the music travels with you.

Get updates here on  HUSHFest Santa Monica Pier concert details. Check out Santa Monica nightclubs and happy hours.