Penthouse  Santa Monica

The Penthouse Santa Monica sits atop the Huntley Hotel on the 18th floor, a prime location that easily qualifies it as one of Santa Monica's most scenic restaurants and lounges.

From here you can savor panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean to the west, Santa Monica to the south, Malibu to the north, and downtown Los Angles to the east.

It's hard to beat the Penthouse Santa Monica when it comes to ambience, either.

It is home to a steady, eclectic mix of patrons, ranging from upscale travelers  to locals enjoying a night out. And all come for the same reason: Top-shelf cocktails at happy hour, an inventive California cuisine menu, interesting people, and the stunning view. Need more? On weekends,  the DJ usually starts spinning around 10 p.m.

The Penthouse Santa Monica at The Huntley Hotel Details 

The Penthouse is located inside the Huntley Hotel at 1111 2nd St., Santa Monica; (310) 394-5454. Get more Penthouse details here.

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