The Bungalow Santa Monica: A Hip, Beach-Style Hideaway Bar & Lounge

The Bungalow Santa Monica is arguably the city's hottest night spot - probably because it's exactly what most people expect L.A. to be: An endless summer where bottomless margaritas reign and the beach is always just a short walk away.

For starters, it is an actual bungalow, on the grounds of the elegant, storied Fairmont Santa Monica.  It is awash in Baja-Cali beach colors and surf decor, making a night of drinks feel like the best house party on the beach you've ever imagined.

There are plenty of distinct spaces to mingle inside The Bungalow, allowing you to shake off the cares of hectic city life in an atmosphere that rarely feels crowded.

You can grab a margarita at the outdoor bar and hang out by the fire pit under the stars (or setting sun), or head inside to the lounge and grab a seat on one of the Mexican-blanket wrapped couches.

In short: It's a low-key hideaway bar/lounge/social scene with stellar ocean views and lots of little nooks to stake out as your own oasis for the night.

Still need to blow off some steam?

You can try your hand at the outdoor ping-pong table or the pool table inside.

What to Know - and When to Go

The best time to hit up Bungalow Santa Monica is at sunset. You'll have plenty of seats to choose from and - this important - you'll miss the lengthy lines that form around 8 p.m. weekend nights.

The tunes are as changeable as the Westside crowd. Expect anything and everything from the Beach Boys and other mellow surf tunes to classic Hendrix and The Doors.

Arrive early to avoid a long line (before 8 p.m.), grab a Bungalow margarita or lychee gimlet and let the night's adventure begin.

The Bunglow is located inside the Fairmont Santa Monica Hotel at 101 Wilshire Blvd., Santa Monica; (310) 899-8530. Get more Bungalow details here.

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