Third Street Promenade Stores Guide

Third Street Promenade stores include some of the biggest names in retail:  Abercrombie and FitchAppleH&MMac CosmeticsSephoraTesla, Patagonia, Lululemon, Anthropologie, and Urban Outfitters.

All in the heart of Downtown Santa Monica, while basking in breezes from the nearby ocean and soaking up a colorful, upbeat scene filled with musicians and entertainers.

Closed off to street traffic, the pet-friendly Promenade is a perfect place to shop, eat, and people watch, plus catch the budding talents of versatile street performers.

The Promenade is a shopper's nirvana. The three tree-lined shopping blocks that comprise the Third Street Promenade begin at Wilshire Boulevard and 3rd Street and end at Broadway and 3rd.

This guide to Third Street Promenade stores can help you plan your visit. 

Third Street Promenade Stores Guide, in Alphabetical Order


 Abercrombie & Fitch; 1345 3rd Street Promenade; (310) 899-2966

 Above the Fold Newstand, 1257 Third Street Promenade; (310) 393-2690

Acorn Store, 1220 Fifth Street; (310) 451-5185;

Adamm's Stained Glass & Art Gallery; 1426 4th St., (310) 451-9390

Adidas Shoes, 1231 3rd Street Promenade; (310)393-0638

Aldo Shoes, 1450 3rd Street Promenade; (310) 576-6011

 Anthropologie, 1402 3rd Street Promenade; (310) 393-4763

Antiqua, 1351 3rd Street Promenade; (310) 393-8355

Apple Store, 1415 3rd Street Promenade; (310) 633-2670

B - H

Brandy Melville, 1413 3rd Street Promenade; (310) 434-1945

Cotton On, 56 3rd Street Promenade; (310) 394-0179

Foot Locker, 301 Arizona Ave.,; (310) 260-7913

H&M, 1452 3rd Street Promenade; (855) 466-7467


L'Occitane, 1239 3rd Street Promenade; (310) 451-3845

Levi's Store, 1409 3rd Street Promenade; (310) 393-4899

Lids, 1413-B 3rd Street Promenade; (310) 576-3437

Lone Wolf Cigar Company, 223B Broadway (3rd Street Promenade); (310) 458-5441

Lululemon, 1457 3rd Street Promenade; (310) 319-9900

M - T

MAC Cosmetics, 1451-B 3rd Street Promenade; (310) 451-1281; 

  PacSun, 1446 3rd Street Promenade; (310) 395-4064; 

Patagonia, 1344 4th Street; (310) 395-6895

Pottery Barn, 1415 4th Street;  (310) 395-1524 

Rip Curl, 1451 3rd Street Promenade; (310) 656-2875

Sephora, 1244 3rd Street; (310) 395-3460;

Sketchers, 1343 3rd Street Promenade; (310) 899-0151

Sunglass Hut, 1334 3rd Street Promenade, suite 104; (310) 394-8497

 Tesla, 1227 3rd Street Promenade; (310) 395-8333.

U - Z

Urban Outfitters; 1440 3rd Street Promenade; (310) 394-1404

Victoria's Secret & PINK, 1311 3rd Street Promenade; (310) 451-4570

Zara, 1338 3rd Street Promenade; (646)923-9637

Parking at the Promenade

Santa Monica parking has a well-earned reputation for being a challenge - even on the best of days. There are public parking structures on 2nd and 4th streets between Wilshire Boulevard and Broadway, and one structure just north of Wilshire on 4th Street.

Get Santa Monica parking tips and download the parking app here.

Promenade Dining

So, you've got your to-do list of Third Street Promenade stores to hit, what about lunch? Or dinner? Here's what to eat in the Gallery Food Hall. 

It is home to one of the best tasting menus in Santa Monica, plus a wine bar, a noodle shop, Top Chef celebs and a sweets factory.