When to Visit Santa Monica

When should you visit Santa Monica? If it's fun in the sun you're after; you'll pretty much find it year round here. Santa Monica weather varies by season (but not by much). 

But if you're looking for something more specific - say, the best season to find Santa Monica beach hotel deals, or to avoid crowds - some times of the year are better to visit Santa Monica than others.

Here's a look at Santa Monica travel by season to help you plan your visit when the prices, weather, and crowd levels are most to your liking.

Visit Santa Monica in Winter and Early Spring for Lower Prices

Winter and early spring are the seasons when you'll find the lowest prices at Santa Monica hotels. This is probably the best time to visit, as you'll find fewer crowds and less traffic, too.

The day in, day out warm weather that practically puts our weather men and women out of business can usually be counted on to keep beach season in business.

January is an especially good month to visit - the weather usually heats up enough to get a tan consistently throughout the month. 

Summer is Peak Season

People on boardwalk at Santa Monica Pier.The Pier and other popular places swell with visitors during summer months.

Summer is the peak travel season in Santa Monica. This means you'll find more crowds and higher prices at Santa Monica hotels.

You'll find some of our warmest weather consistently during these months, with the notable exception being the month of June.

If it's sun you're seeking, skip June altogether. There's a reason the local lexicon includes the words "June gloom."

Most June days start with morning fog and overcast skies, which often doesn't burn off until around midday. It makes for hazy, cloudy beach days.

For a sure-thing when it comes to beach weather, wait to visit until the first week in July. For the rest of the summer, however, a visit to Santa Monica is about as good as it gets. 

Visit in Fall for Lower Prices and Above-Normal Temperatures 

Autumn (late September to early November) is a great time to take advantage of our "Indian Summer" - a time of unseasonably warm, dry weather when the skies are usually sunny and, and the weather registers at above-normal temperatures.

Although temperatures are going up, prices at Santa Monica hotels begin going down in fall, following the busy summer season.

Santa Monica Weather Fluctuations

There are fluctuations to our usually balmy weather, however - like when a hot front blows in from the desert to the east and temperatures skyrocket; or when a rare cold front blows down from Alaska and temperatures dip below 60 degrees F.  

Neither are regular occurrences, which means Santa Monica weather is usually consistent. So plan to visit Santa Monica during a month when the prices, weather, and crowd levels are most to your liking. The sand, the sea, and uniquely Santa Monica fun await!

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