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Where to Eat in Santa Monica

From Casual Seaside Eateries to Top Shelf Dining Establishments - You'll Find It All Here

Where to eat in Santa Monica?

The truth is, you don't have to break the bank to eat well in Santa Monica. A majority of Santa Monica restaurants focus primarily on organic, locally sourced foods, and healthier fare, with low-cal and organic item options on the menu.

Just off the beaten path - and sometimes on it - you'll find culinary gems that serve up some of the best Santa Monica eats around.

Some are on the beach, others are on Main Street, and still others in the Santa Monica Promenade and at Santa Monica Place and beyond. 

Where to eat in Santa Monica is often a difficult question as a result. How does one choose between them all?

The good news is you'll rarely find a mediocre meal (let alone a bad one) so whatever your final answer, you're in for a treat.

Santa Monica Dining 

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